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Wed, 29 Apr 2015
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Kiri Skin Care

This delightful range of luxurious superior quality skincare products is made in New Zealand with SummerGlow
UMF16+ Manuka Honey
Brilliantly formulated to pamper and nourish your skin leaving it to feel soft, smooth and protected
Beautifully packaged too - a lovely gift for yourself or someone very special

$12.00 NZD

$11.00 NZD

$19.00 NZD

Hand Cream Instant Moisture

Cleansing Face Mask

Face Moisturiser

Daily moisturiser contains sunscreen

$19.00 NZD

$8.00 NZD

$17.00 NZD

Night Cream

Rest & Rejuvenate

Cleansing Soap

Shower Gel 250ml

Kiri New Zealand UMF Manuka Honey Shower Gel 250ml

$9.00 NZD

$17.00 NZD

$13.00 NZD

Lip Balm

Nourishing lips

For Men Body Wash

For Men Face Scrub

$16.00 NZD

For Men Moisturising Balm

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