Genuine UMF Manuka Honey - UMF Licence No. 1001
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Tue, 25 Jul 2017
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SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey 500g

UMF 16+, UMF License Number 1001
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  • Excellent health-supporting benefits
  • Digestive care
  • Soothing throats
  • Boost general health
  • Double Activity (enzyme and the special unique manuka property)
  • UMF Test Certificate supplied with every order
  • Leak-proof induction seal under the jar lid preserves the honey freshness, prevents contamination and leakage
  • GM Free
  • 100% pure New Zealand honey
  • Certified genuine UMF16+
  • UMF Licence 1001
  • Current batch (Batch 18959665) actual activity UMF17.6 (See Official UMF Test Certificate below)
  • Current Batch:  Leptosperin 936 (Leptosperin verifies the honey is genuine manuka honey.  Leptosperin must be at least 390 for Manuka Honey to be graded UMF16.  Leptosperin 936 is a very high manuka grading) )
  • Current batch:  Best Before: November 2019

100% Pure New Zealand Honey

No additives

Produced, packed and labelled in New Zealand

A delicious light golden honey with the unique herbal manuka flavour granulated silky smooth

Therapeutic Benefits:

Excellent support for natural healing:
* Digestive care - helps soothe digestion - helps maintain a healthy intestinal bacteria balance
* Soothing throats
* Supports oral hygiene as it inhibits acid production and could help prevent cavities developing in teeth
* Enhances general health
* Excellent energy food helping improve physical endurance and rapidly restoring lost energy
* Antioxidant rich
* Totally safe and natural unadulterated honey with no additives

Enhanced Antibacterial Quality:

SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey has both the hydrogen peroxide antibacterial property common to most honeys and a very high level of the more powerful unique non-peroxide antibacterial activity.

UMF Rating Guaranteed - SummerGlow is the Name to be Trusted:

After packing every batch of SummerGlow honey is tested according to the rigorous criteria of purity and quality.
We pack honey regularly and rigorous testing guarantees the high grading levels of every batch.
Current batch: UMF17.6;  Leptosperin 936

Strict Quality Standards Guarantee Superior Quality:

At SummerGlow Apiaries we take great care in the handling of our honey from time of production at the beehive to the finished product to ensure you are receiving natural unadulterated manuka honey of the highest quality.  Strict hygiene, handling and recording practices are  exercised throughout the entire honey-packing process to ensure there is no risk of contamination of the honey.
The unique induction seal under the jar lid preserves the freshness of our honey and prevents leakage during transit.


The following internationally-recognised standards verify the quality of our honey:
* Honey extraction factory operates an approved and audited Risk Management Programme(RMP)
* Packing Factory is approved and audited by New Zealand Food Safety (NZFSA)
* Certified UMF Licensees. Licence Number 1001

Medical-Grade Honey Producers:

SummerGlow Apiaries are accredited suppliers of medical-grade honey for the ApiMed Medical Honey Project.
For this we exercise strict handling procedures in our hive management and we have full written records of our beekeeping practices and traceability for the medical-grade honey produced from our beehives.

Certified UMF Licensees - Licence number 1001:

SummerGlow Apiaries Ltd are licensed to use the quality trademark UMF.  Every batch of our honey is fully tested to ensure it has very high grading levels.  Current batch is UMF17.6;  Leptosperin 936
The name UMF can be used only by approved licensees who meet set criteria which include regular auditing and monitoring of the quality of their honey
Our Licence Number is 1001

Direct from the Producer:

We have been beekeeping for more than 40 years and specialise in producing high grade UMF Manuka Honey which we send directly to customers all around the world.

Available to Customers Worldwide:

Direct from the producer.
Hassle-free shopping saving you time and money
Any quantity from one jar to cartons of 12 jars
Full colour brochure about the honey and research is included with every order.
Our unique induction seal under the lid prevents leakage during transit and preserves the freshness of our honey. (Induction seal is like the seal on a milk bottle)

For Digestive care:

Try having a teaspoon to a tablespoon of the honey three to four times a day and at bedtime
Having the honey on bread, toast or cracker biscuit helps hold the honey in the stomach for as long as possible
Many people have the honey straight from the teaspoon
SummerGlow UMF 16+ Manuka Honey is 100% pure honey so it does not interfere with regular medications
Adjust the amount and frequency to suit your own needs
SummerGlow UMF 16+ Manuka Honey is available by mail order directly from SummerGlow Apiaries

For Soothing Throats:

When the first feeling of a cold comes on try taking a teaspoon of SummerGlow UMF 16+ Manuka Honey from time to time throughout the day. Works wonders!!!

Try our Propolis too

For Enhancing General Health & Energy:

Enjoy SummerGlow UMF 16+ Manuka Honey as often as desired on bread, in drinks, by the spoonful

SummerGlow UMF 16+ Manuka Honey is 100% pure natural unadulterated honey sourced from the flower of the manuka bush which grows in the remote unspoilt areas of NZ

Our SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey has no additives and is safe to have as much as you like whenever you like

As a First Aid and Wound Care:

Use Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel.  This is certified medical-grade Manuka Honey that has been specially prepared for wound care. 

Burns, cuts, grazes, ulcers.      Heals, cleans, protects.

Spread generously on to a clean dressing and apply to the full surface of a clean wound. 

Always have clean hands, dressings and spatula

Always cool a burn immediately under cold water before applying honey


Do not cease regular medication without your doctor's consent

Diabetics use discretion if taking honey orally

Seek medical advice if symptoms persist

Testing for Authenticity - Protecting Your Rights as a Consumer

The UMF designation and rating is a highly sought-after and well-respected quality trademark.

After the honey has been packed UMF Manuka Honey must undergo a number of tests to show it is natural, unadulterated Manuka Honey and that the grading claim on the label is true:

1.Testing to identify genuine Manuka Honey

  • Manuka honey is made up of several compounds that are found only in the honey from New Zealand's manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium)
  • One of the most dominant compounds is Leptosperin
  • Leptosperin is a good indicator of the "manukaness" of honey
  • UMF Manuka Honey must contain Leptosperin (minimum level 100)
  • The higher the UMF grading, the higher the level of Leptosperin
  • The Leptosperin level must be at least 390 for honey to be graded UMF16
  • SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey has Leptosperin level 936 showing it is really high quality manuka.   All our honey is produced by our bees from manuka areas which we own and in which we have had hives for the past 40 years.  

2. Testing to show honey is not adulterated:

  • HMF increases when honey is heated. 
  • UMF Manuka Honey must have HMF below 40.
  • SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey has HMF level 18 as we do not damage our honey with heat or adulteration

3. Testing for UMF grading levels:

  • Manuka Honey is tested for DHA and for methyglyoxal (MG) as these are present in Manuka Honey and help assess the grading level of the honey
  • The combined results of all four tests (Leptosperin test + MG test + DHA test + HMF test) show the grading level for the honey
  • To be graded UMF16 Manuka Honey must have Leptosperin at least 390 and MG must be at least 572 and HMF must be less than 40
  • SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey far exceeds all quality requirements: UMF17.6 and Leptosperin 936 and MG 668 and HMF 18

Test results for SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey

Test results verify the authenticity of SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey - it is genuine natural, unadulterated Manuka Honey and is entitled to bear the quality mark UMF16+.  The results for the honey we currently sell is as follows:

Batch 18959665.  500gm jar:   (Official UMF Test Certificate shown in next panel below)

  • Leptosperin 936
  • MG 668
  • DHA 1680
  • HMF 18
  • UMF grading 17.6

SummerGlow Apiaries Ltd are licensed to use the quality trademark. Licence number 1001.

Available direct from the Producers:

Direct from the beekeeper in Hamilton, New Zealand
Hassle-free shopping saving you time and money
Any quantity from one jar to cartons of 12 jars
Full colour brochure about the honey and research is included with every order.
Our unique induction seal under the lid prevents leakage during transit and preserves the freshness of our honey. (Induction seal is like the seal on a milk bottle)

How do I order SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey?

Order through our secure order form above and proceed to checkout

This product cannot be shipped to following countries:

  • Australia (Western Australia)
  • Australia (Western Australia only)
  • New Caledonia
  • Jamaica
  • Fiji
  • Tonga
  • Botswana
  • Lesotho
  • Swaziland
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • Brazil

The following countries have weight restrictions on honey shipments, shipments to these countries will be made in separate weight parcels detailed below:

  • Austria - 1.50Kg
  • Belgium - 1.50Kg
  • Finland - 1.50Kg
  • France - 1.50Kg
  • Germany - 1.50Kg
  • Italy - 1.50Kg
  • Netherlands - 1.50Kg
  • Norway - 1.50Kg
  • Sweden - 1.50Kg
  • Switzerland - 1.50Kg
  • United Kingdom - 1.50Kg
  • Vatican City - 1.50Kg

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