Genuine UMF Manuka Honey - UMF Licence No. 1001
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Tue, 25 Sep 2018
10+ UMF 16+ UMF

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We Really Know Our Honey

At SummerGlow We Really Know Our Honey  -  It's really good quality honey says a happy customer

Top grade UMF16+     IT'S REALLY GOOD QUALITY HONEY (Read what a happy customer says)

  • Guaranteed UMF16+.  Rigorous testing at SummerGlow ensures that every batch is well above the stated UMF level.  Current batch is actually UMF17.6;  Leptosperin 936.  Click here for Testing for Authenticity
  • Totally Natural Honey.  SummerGlow Apiaries run their hives with meticulous care to ensure the manuka honey they produce is as pure as possible.  We do not feed sugar to our bees.  Our honey is totally pure and natural.  It has nothing added and it has not been adulterated by heat or any other means
  • Enhanced Quality. Our unique and advanced packing technology preserves all the natural qualities and goodness of SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey
  • Established history. SummerGlow Apiaries have been beekeeping and producing manuka honey for over 40 years, and specialising in high activity UMF Manuka Honey for the past 20 years. We are one of the very first companies to be licensed to use the trademark UMF as shown by our Licence number 1001
  • Guaranteed supply.  We produce all our own honey from our own hives harvesting manuka honey from land we own.  We always have plenty of stock on hand guaranteeing immediate despatch and no delays
  • Medical-grade honey. Very strict handling and recording practices have enabled SummerGlow Apiaries to be accredited as suppliers of medical-grade honey
  • The Original UMF Manuka Honey.  SummerGlow were the very first to bring New Zealand's UMF Manuka Honey direct to customers worldwide - to customers in NZ, USA, UK, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe
  • Direct from the producer. SummerGlow Apiaries specialise in producing manuka honey with high UMF16+ grading. 100% pure New Zealand honey direct from our very own beehives.

"SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey: It's one of the best supports nature brings you" More about our honey

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