Completed research signals new era for Manuka Honey industry says Waikato based SummerGlow Apiaries.

Leading scientists have recently completed an extensive four-year research programme to identify the key chemical markers of Manuka Honey and leading Manuka Honey producers, Waikato-based SummerGlow Apiaries, couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

“We're really excited to see four years of hard work now bearing fruit,” says James Jeffery, co-owner and director at SummerGlow Apiaries at Te Kowhai.

The Manuka Honey ID Project is a collaboration between the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) which includes more the 70 UMF licence holders and Hamilton-based Analytica Laboratories.

“It's a credit to the management and membership of the UMFHA. Our congratulations go out to the UMFHAs general Manager John Rawcliffe who worked tirelessly to see this goal reached.  Also the science team at Analytica Laboratories have been very supportive and professional, we are overjoyed,” comments James

The world-wide boom in Manuka Honey's popularity and its soaring price rise has resulted in a growing problem of counterfeit product circulating in key export markets. The UMFHA have worked hard to discover the best science to undertake chemical profiling, to effectively fingerprint honey by floral type and quality attributes, in particular Manuka Honey.

The research's objective was to be able to characterise good New Zealand Manuka Honey compared to other mono floral honeys, as well as other products that may have been adulterated by mixing Manuka with lower value honeys.

What does this research mean for Summerglow customers? “Now the project is complete we can finally apply a level playing field throughout the Manuka industry,” adds James.

SummerGlow is the original source of genuine Manuka Honey. When you think Manuka Honey, think SummerGlow.