Summer Glow’s great hope for Manuka Honey Industry

The upcoming ‘This is Manuka’ presentation on 9th August is eagerly awaited by the team at Summer Glow Apiaries.  Their hope is that there will be a level playing field in the industry, that will support them as they continue to provide authentic, genuine Manuka Honey.


Summer Glow Apiaries are proud of their ability to provide high quality, genuine UMF rated Manuka Honey to their customers.  The news of the upcoming presentation on defining Manuka Honey – which is set to produce the most concise and complete definition ever seen – comes as wonderful news to director James Jeffery.  “From Summer Glow’s perspective being genuine, showing integrity and putting in place a number of guidelines that will do away with any of the uncertainty in the industry is massively important,” James explains.


These guidelines have been four years in the making and have incorporated the input of laboratories and universities from six different countries.  What has come from this extensive and wide-reaching research is a definitive, accurate and irrefutable definition of what Manuka Honey is.  But what happens next?  As a UMF Honey Association licence holder, Summer Glow Apiaries will be stepping into a new phase of progression to maintain integrity in their Manuka Honey production.

“What’s been happening over the last four years with Summer Glow is that as the science has become available we have progressed into that science,” James says.  “We’ve implemented in stages the science as it has become available, it’s been a progressive change throughout the last four years, ensuring we are always satisfying the emerging science.  This gives our customers the best service and shows our commitment to them.”

The future is indeed bright for Summer Glow as they look forward to the release of this project enforcing the improvements made in the last 4 years.  What has been done by the Manuka ID Project is a massive step forward for the Te Kowhai based company as they work with the guidelines that are set to be released on Tuesday.  As James says, “The presentations are drawing a line in the sand, putting a stake in the ground, and saying ‘this is where we stand as Manuka Honey producers’ and now with all confidence – and with the backing of the science behind us – we can say that this how we’re going to prove that this is Manuka Honey.”