Assisting Natural Healing of Wounds

Studies are showing that Antibacterial Manuka Honey Wound Gel provides an optimum germ-free moist wound-healing environment which supports and facilitates the body's natural healing process.

Medical studies are showing that a moist wound environment produces the best healing results:

  • Moist wound environment speeds up the healing process. Tissue regrowth is slowed if a wound dries.
  • Moist wound environment results in less scarring. A scab (dried serum) is the body's natural attempt to keep a wound moist. But the type of cell growth under a scab results in a pitted scar. A totally moist environment prevents the development of scabs.
  • A moist wound environment is less painful, requires fewer dressing changes and produces better cosmetic results. If dressings stick to the scab of a dry wound, when the dressings are changed the scab is torn off, causing pain and also the tearing away of newly re-grown skin tissue.

Antibacterial Wound Gel with Manuka Honey

Antibacterial Wound Gel is a unique blend of Antibacterial Medical-Grade Manuka Honey with natural waxes and oils.  It is a specifically formulated Gel which is easy to apply and has good wash off characteristics when dressings are changed.

Clinically proven to promote wound healing and reduce the risk of infection

Antibacterial Wound Gel creates a moist, low pH environment that promotes new tissue formation and wound healing.  New tissue is protected from painful damage when the dressing is changed.  It can be used throughout the healing process

Antibacterial Wound Gel cleans and protects the wound from bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.  It naturally cleans the wound of bacteria, dead tissue, dirt and debris by drawing it into the dressing.  

Antibacterial Wound Gel provides a natural alternative for wound healing and protection and can be used throughout the healing process. 

Antibacterial Wound Gel is a great all-rounder for the First Aid kit.  Soothing and easy to use.  Assists the body's natural healing of cuts, scratches, grazes, minor burns, ulcers

Antibacterial Wound Gel - One Product - Three Actions

  • Heals: Encourages wound healing and reduced scarring
  • Cleans: Naturally cleans the wound of dirt and bacteria
  • Protects: Reduces the risk of infection

Suitable for:

  • All the family
  • Burns, cuts, grazes and ulcers
  • All stages of wound healing 

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A Trusted Mark of Quality - A Guarantee of Authenticity & Purity

UMF stands for "Unique Manuka Factor" and is the only manuka honey grading system that is licensed and audited to verify the honey is true-to-label.

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