Get pure Mānuka Honey from Waikato based SummerGlow Apiaries

The delicious light golden honey with the unique herbal mānuka flavour is a New Zealand favourite.  However, it is up to the seller to prove to the customer the purity of the product and this is where SummerGlow Apiaries are committed to their customers.

A recent article titled “Honey Boom” that appeared in the July 1-6 edition of the NZ Listener, discusses, amongst other issues faced by the industry, the pioneering research into the benefits of Mānuka Honey for your health and more current studies that are underway.

The issue of the purity of Mānuka honey is not discussed except to say that there has been recent criticism in the marketplace about non-genuine product on shop shelves.

The challenge facing the customer is one of trust in the supplier and being sure of the purity of the honey that they are purchasing.

The answer lies in the Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF) quality mark and the assurance system that is undertaken by the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association’s (UMFHAs) licence holders.  One of the outcomes of the UMFHAs recent “Mānuka ID” research was the discovery of Leptosperin, it is one of many key signature compounds found only in Manuka Honey.

Leptosperin has a unique presence in the nectar of the Mānuka flower which proves that its presence in honey can only be derived from Mānuka plants. Leptosperin has not been found in the nectar of any New Zealand flower other than Manuka.

“The Leptosperin level in Mānuka honey is a direct indicator of its purity and quality, the higher the number the better the honey, it’s that simple” says James Jeffery, co-owner of SummerGlow Apiaries in Te Kowhai, Hamilton.

“We test all our Mānuka honey for quality and purity before it is packed. We care about our customers and want to see people benefit from this product. Our honey has superior levels of Leptosperin” says James.

There are not many people that know Mānuka Honey better than family owned and operated SummerGlow Apiaries who have been keeping bees for over 40 years and producing high quality Mānuka Honey since before its rise to fame.  They are the original source for UMF graded Mānuka Honey.

The following internationally-recognised standards verify the quality of SummerGlow Apiaries UMF Mānuka honey:

  • Honey extraction factory operates an NZFSA approved and audited Risk Management Programme (RMP)
  • Packing Factory is approved and audited by New Zealand Food Safety (NZFSA)Certified
  • UMF Licensees. Licence Number 1001.

So when you see the SummerGlow Apiaries logo, you know you are getting genuine and authentic New Zealand Mānuka Honey.