A Beekeepers Story

When he was just a young lad, Bill Bennett built his first bee hive from scrap wood.

Thus a lifelong passion for producing the best quality Manuka honey had its beginnings.

From its humble beginnings, SummerGlow Apiaries has blossomed to over 1600 hives, setting the standards for Manuka Honey production.
Bill and Margaret Bennett have been beekeeping for over 36 years in the greater Waikato area.

Summerglow Apiaries specialises in the production of high activity UMF Manuka Honey.

Back in the early days of SummerGlow, Bill and Margaret used to make their own bee hives. “I would wait until our kids were asleep, and then wire all the honey frames in our front lounge,”  says Margaret.  Summerglow Apiaries has always been a family-orientated business. “At one time or another, all of the kids have helped out with the bees”, says Margaret.