Selecting Manuka Honey for Its Special Properties

Protecting Your Rights as a Consumer

UMF is a quality mark and grading system identifying natural unadulterated manuka honey that has the special unique natural attributes found only in some strains of manuka honey. 

The UMF mark was developed to help consumers identify the type of manuka honey that has the special unique qualities referred to in the research.  Click here for more about Testing for Authenticity

  1. Look for the name UMF and its grading level clearly displayed on the front label. The name UMF guarantees the honey has the special qualities referred to in the research.
  2. Select a high UMF rating. UMF5 is the minimum.  Most research has used manuka honey with a grading UMF12 and higher.
  3. For wound care select medical grade Manuka Honey that has been specially prepared for wound care. (Antibacterial Wound Gel -supporting your body's natural healing)
  4. UMF Manuka Honey must be packed in New Zealand and every batch tested after packing. The term Product of New Zealand does not necessarily mean the honey has been packed in New Zealand.

Checklist to Identify Genuine UMF Manuka Honey

Genuine UMF Manuka Honey must comply with all six of the following criteria:

  1. It has the quality trademark UMF clearly stated on the front label
  2. It is packed into jars and labelled in New Zealand
  3. It is from a New Zealand company licensed to use the quality trademark UMF
  4. It has the UMF Licensee's brand name and licence number on the front label.
  5. It has a rating number alongside the trademark UMF.  A number on its own or without the trademark UMF does not identify genuine UMF Manuka Honey.
  6. It is endorsed by the Official UMF Certificate which states the tests results for the batch number displayed on the label (Click here for Official UMF Certificate)

SummerGlow Apiaries have been licensed users of the name UMF since the standard was first established in 1998

  • Licence Number 1001
  • Guaranteed high UMF16+ grade
  • Cold Processed and handled very carefully to retain all the natural goodness of the honey
  • Clean, sterile packing factory
  • Two options available depending on purpose:
    1. High grade UMF16+.  Totally pure natural honey.  Enjoyed as a nice food to support natural health. (SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey is here
    2. Antibacterial Wound Gel to assist the natural healing of wounds. (Wound Gel is here)

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Most Important: UMF Manuka Honey & Active Manuka Honey are NOT THE SAME. 

  • Originally manuka honey which had the extra property was known as Active Manuka Honey (and is often referred to by this name in the research papers and articles).  However, the name "Active" is now being used by many to refer to the enzyme property which is found in most honeys. 
  • The word "Active" does not indicate the honey has the special unique manuka property. 
  • The word "Active" often refers to the Total Activity rating for which the activity is mainly due to the enzymes in honey, an activity found in most honeys. 
  • There is no independent auditing and monitoring of honey called Active Manuka Honey nor of Manuka Honey with any descriptive other than that labelled with the trademark UMF.
  • Great care needs to be taken when selecting honey - make sure it is genuine UMF Manuka Honey - and make sure the activity is above UMF10.

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A Trusted Mark of Quality - A Guarantee of Authenticity & Purity

UMF stands for "Unique Manuka Factor" and is the only manuka honey grading system that is licensed and audited to verify the honey is true-to-label.

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