New construction signals a global focus for leading Waikato - Mānuka Honey producers SummerGlow Apiaries.

By Kimberely Gilbert for MediaPA

Waikato-based SummerGlow Apiaries have taken on a new major construction project at their Waikato property.

The new building will expand SummerGlow Apiaries production capabilities providing more genuine Mānuka honey to meet the increasing demands of a global market.

Nestled in the Waikato heartland, Mānuka Honey Producers SummerGlow Apiaries have been establishing themselves as the number one global brand for genuine Mānuka Honey.

SummerGlow Apiaries have long been in the forefront of genuine Mānuka honey production. This new construction project is just another example of SummerGlow Apiaries being ahead of the field for Mānuka honey.

Speaking from the construction site, James Jeffery, co-owner and director at SummerGlow Apiaries, speaks about the reason for the new building.

“We will increase to 3000 hives this year and have very quickly run out of storage. The building we are currently working out of was built in the early 1980s and was only ever really designed for a one man operation. Even with some work on efficiency and streamlining our current facility is not big enough, hence the new building,” says James.

“The new building will allow us to produce a lot more honey and supply the global market with more genuine Mānuka Honey. As well as all this we are negotiating more placements for our beehives in Manuka Honey production areas so we are able to grow supply which will benefit everybody,” adds James.

SummerGlow Apiaries are also expanding their operation further afield.

Early last year SummerGlow Apiaries owners Bill and Margaret Bennett purchased 900 acres of marginal farmland in the Taranaki region, down the forgotten highway. “The Taranaki operation is our most rapidly expanding area. We are increasing again this year by adding another large area of land we have recently secured It’s pretty exciting for us working closely with the local farmers to produce genuine UMF Mānuka Honey,” says James.

“From our point of view, we certainly couldn’t be doing this expansion without the help and support of the land owners that allow us access to their beautiful properties. We are eternally grateful to them,” adds James.

SummerGlow is the original source of genuine Mānuka Honey. When you think Manuka Honey, think SummerGlow.