Genuine UMF Manuka Honey - UMF Licence No. 1001
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Sat, 11 Jul 2020
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Antibacterial Wound Gel 25gm or 50gm
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Antibacterial Wound Gel is a unique blend of Antibacterial Medical Honey with natural waxes and oils.  It is a specifically formulated Gel which is easy to apply and has good wash off characteristics when dressings are changed.

Clinically proven to promote wound healing and reduce the risk of infection.

Antibacterial Wound Gel creates a moist, low pH environment that promotes new tissue formation and wound healing.  New tissue is protected from painful damage when the dressing is changed.  It can be used throughout the healing process.

Antibacterial Wound Gel cleans and protects the wound from bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.  It naturally cleans the wound of bacteria, dead tissue, dirt and debris by drawing it into the dressing.

Antibacterial Wound Gel provides a natural alternative for wound healing and protection and can be used throughout the healing process.

Antibacterial Wound Gel is a great all-rounder for the First Aid kit.  Soothing and easy to use.  Assists the body's natural healing of cuts, scratches, grazes, minor burns, ulcers.

One Product - Three Actions:  Cleans, Protects, Heals

  • Heals: Encourages wound healing and reduced scarring
  • Cleans: Naturally cleans the wound of dirt and bacteria
  • Protects: Reduces the risk of infection

Suitable for:

  • All the family
  • Burns, cuts, grazes and ulcers
  • All stages of wound healing

Current batch best before dates:

  • 25gm tube: April 2022
  • 50gm tube: April 2022

Antibacterial Medical Honey (80%) , Natural Waxes and Natural Oils

Antibacterial Medical Honey is a standardised medical grade of antibacterial honey collected predominantly from the flowers of New Zealand's manuka bush (Leptospermum sp.).  This combination of Leptospermum honeys has been put together using advanced scientific knowledge to maximise honey's potential to support the body's natural healing process.

Medihoney™ Antibacterial Wound Gel™ is a sterile product.  CE 0120.

Current batch best before dates:

  • 25gm tube:  April 2022
  • 50gm tube:  April 2022

Apply a generous quantity of MediHoney Antibacterial Wound Gel directly on to the wound or an appropriate dressing.

Due to its versatility MediHoney Antibacterial Wound Gel can be used in all stages of wound healing.   Ideal First aid to assist the body's natural healing of cuts, grazes, scratches, minor burns.

For external use only.

Precautions: Serious wounds should be managed under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

* Do not cease regular medication without doctor's consent
* Seek medical advice if symptoms persist
* Always use a clean sterile spatula and dressings


Sent directly to customers worldwide
* NZ$19.00 per 25gm tube
* NZ$32.00 per 50gm tube

* We send the Wound Gel directly to you. Hassle-free shopping saving you time and money
* Full colour brochures about the honey and research are included with every order
* Full instructions on how to use the honey to assist the natural healing of wounds are included with every order

Postal charges:
* To Australia: 1 x 25gm tube NZ$8.00
* To USA, UK, Asia: 1 x 25gm tube NZ$12.00

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