Genuine UMF Manuka Honey - UMF Licence No. 1001
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Tue, 14 Jul 2020
10+ UMF 16+ UMF

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Lozenges made with NZ Propolis&UMF10+ Manuka Honey - Aniseed flavour
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  • Soothes throats, tackles tickles
  • Mouth-watering Lozenges combining the soothing qualities of UMF10+ Manuka Honey with the power of Propolis
  • New Zealand UMF Manuka has long been valued for its health-maintaining effects and is gaining worldwide recognition for its unique properties
  • Propolis contains high levels of bioflavonoids
  • Packet of 12 individually wrapped lozenges
  • Current batch best before date: December 2022

Sugar;  Corn Sugar;   UMF10+ Manuka Honey (4.7%);  Water;  Propolis Solids;  Aniseed Oil.

Propolis is a natural antioxidant and one of nature's best defences to protect and heal.  It is a natural immune-supporting product collected by bees and used in the hive to protect the colony from disease and bacterial contamination.

Propolis (also known as bee glue) is a sticky resinous substance collected by bees from buds and bark of trees and other vegetation.  Bees make propolis by gathering sap (resin) from plants and combining it with beeswax and highly beneficial enzymes.   Bees use propolis in the hive to seal gaps, cracks and holes; to sterilise and varnish comb cells; and to protect the colony from disease and bacterial contamination.  Propolis is also used at the hive entrance enabling the bees to sterilise themselves as they come and go from the hive

The quality of propolis gathered from the resin of trees and plants in New Zealand's fresh, clean environment is known to be one of the highest in the world.

New Zealand propolis is very high in bioflavanoids which are renowned for their antioxidant effect in supporting a healthy immune system.

Scientific and medical research are revealing the wide-ranging benefits of propolis.  Propolis is a key ingredient in a wide range of products that support immune health, including soothing throats and oral health.

Propolis is now widely used to promote good general health, boost immunity and help support the body's fight against infection.  New Zealand Propolis was particularly popular in Asian countries during the SARS crisis.

SummerGlow Apiaries specialise in producing high quality propolis.  For this we have developed a unique system which encourages our bees to produce abundant quantities of propolis from the plants and trees surrounding their hives in New Zealand's beautiful natural countryside.  The propolis our bees produce is used in a wide range of immune-supporting health products.

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