Genuine UMF Manuka Honey - UMF Licence No. 1001
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Mon, 13 Jul 2020
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Active Clear Acne Cream 50gm tube
  • Specifically formulated to help those troubled by acne
  • Made with 30% UMF15+ Manuka Honey and carefully selected natural oils & herbal extracts
  • A unique cream maximising the natural antibacterial qualities of UMF15+ Manuka Honey and herbal extracts
  • Aids the restoration of a clear skin and helps reduce scarring
  • May also be used as a preventative against acne

Active Clear Acne Cream has been formulated using the unique properties of UMF15+ Manuka Honey specifically to help improve skin troubled by acne.

Research has shown UMF Manuka Honey has an antibacterial activity not found in any other honey.   This unique antibacterial activity penetrates deeply into the epidermis.  The honey powerfully supports the body’s natural healing and immune system.

Current batch best before date:  July 2021


Distilled Water,  Raw UMF15+ Manuka Honey (30%),  Lanette Wax,  Apricot Kernel Oil,  Sweet Almond Oil,  Tocopherol Oil,  Sesame Oil,  Rose Water,  Beeswax, Preservative (Optiphen),  Calendula Oil,  Manuka Oil and Chamomile Extract.

Paraben Free

No added fragrance


Apply Active Clear directly to the Acne twice a day, morning and night preferaby.

For external use only.

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