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Hand Cream Instant Moisture
Cindy WONG (Auckland, NZ)

Hand Cream Instant Moisture

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 500g (MGO 570mg/kg)

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 500g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Joseph M Carney (Detroit, US)
UMF 16+ Honey

Great product! Love it!

Great stuff

Great stuff and does exactly as it says

Manuka Magic Healing Cream made with UMF15+ Manuka Honey & Manuka Oil?

Manuka Honey based cream and other skin care products have been on my shopping list for over 30 years !

Antibacterial Wound Gel
Saad Alanezi (Kuwait City, KW)
Quality in products and service

Thank you, the product is effective in healing wounds and fighting bacteria.

UMF™ 22+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 970mg/kg)
Son Nam Nguyen (Ashburn, US)
Manuka 22+

Best honey


fast delivery. really really good taste. must order again. 10/10

Best Honey

For many decades, I have purchased Manuka Honey from the SummerGlow Apiaries.
The Honey is helpful to maintain health, particularly for throat.
Thank you for the prompt response and speedy processing for delivery.

Great Tasting Honey

We order this honey because it is the best we ever had. We have been buying this for years and always happy with it. I like to use it in our tea when I have a sore throat. It also helps to put on your skin when we have eczema breakout. It's just a great tasting honey. Summer Glow shipped it quickly but when it got to customs in the US they held onto for 6 days. That delayed the delivery which is usually pretty fast. We will be ordering it again in the future.

I am really pleased with this product. I initially purchased in an attempt to heal a skin issue we have with one of our dairy goats lol. I have pre tested it on some skin injuries on myself and was astonished with how quickly they healed. Our goat experiment is going well but I think I need a little more time to accurately judge the results but so far so good



Am trying it out for cough. Am asthmaic and was told medicinal honey helps. So far the honey taste good. Melt in the mouth. Any advise for coughing is much appreciated. Thanks

This bees so good.

As expected, The pinnacle or queen bee of homey.

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 500g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Maria Esthela Gonzalez (Monterrey, MX)
Excelente producto. Lo súper recomiendo.

Es una miel que en mi caso en una ocasión la use para una quemada de segundo grado en la mano. Y funcionó excelentemente. Me la recomendó el doctor homeopata.
Ni cicatriz quedó.
Aparte la uso para la garganta, etc

Best honey

The taste is the real thing! This is what honey should taste like. Delicious.

NZ Multifloral Pollen Granules

NZ Multifloral Pollen Granules

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 570mg/kg)

High quality

Active cream

I use this on my face at bedtime, i love the way it makes my skin feel when I wake up

Miracle cream

Im enjoying the nourishment this cream is giving my tired skin. I put it on my dry skin and it's very soothing.

Delicious honey and a very useful medicine too.

I use the Manuka Honey UFM 16+ already for several years very succesful to beat the painful inflammation of the gullet (oesofagitis). Unlike most other medicines it tastes deliclious too, but for me is that a side issue...

UMF™ 22+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 970mg/kg)
Catalin Mangu (Bucharest, RO)

UMF™ 22+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 970mg/kg)

Always great products very satisfied customer

Antibacterial Wound Gel
Avi Ceder (Tel Aviv, IL)
Helpful wound gel

From experience the Antibacterial Wound Gel is doings its job. It helps to heal, relatively quickly, almost any would, or a skin issue, in an excellent manner.

UMF 22+Manuka Honey

I purchase this honey as a gift for my son in law every Christmas. It is always on the top of his list. He loves it!! Top quality in every respect.