Application for Manuka Honey Trademark Supported by Waikato-Based Manuka Honey Producers SummerGlow Apiaries Ltd.

Waikato-based Manuka Honey producers SummerGlow Apiaries supports the UMF(Unique Manuka Factor) Honey Association decision to apply for a Certification Trade Mark for the name ‘Manuka Honey’.

The certification trademark will give New Zealand Manuka Honey producers, like SummerGlow Apiaries, greater international protection.

“This step is essential to protecting an internationally recognised, in demand premium product that is unique to New Zealand,” says James Jeffery, co-owner and director at SummerGlow Apiaries at Te Kowhai.

“The ‘Manuka Honey’ Certification Mark will ensure that the name “Manuka Honey” can only be used on genuine Manuka Honey products from New Zealand. “

Genuine Manuka Honey, such as Manuka Honey from SummerGlow Apiaries, is sourced from the nectar ofLeptospermum Scoparium which is found nearly completely in New Zealand. “It’s absolutely critical that we protect this legacy which is so inherently recognized with New Zealand,” adds James.

Securing the name will give consumers around the world more confidence that any product that they buy that bears the Manuka Honey trademark is genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey.

“It’s vital that we all remain concentrated on protecting Manuka Honey and the industry built around it,” says James.

Once The Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association have secured Certification of the Trade Mark, they will be seeking to make it openly available to all, providing they are using the Certification on genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey. It is their intention to subsequently transfer the Certification Trade Mark to an independent third party for the benefit of all industry participants.

SummerGlow is the original source of genuine Manuka Honey. When you think Manuka Honey, think SummerGlow.