Our Guarantee

SummerGlow Apiaries are committed to providing the best quality product possible. Strict handling and testing regimes are followed to ensure top quality product.

Our honey is totally natural unadulterated manuka honey and complies with the rigorous standards of quality and purity set by the UMF®  Honey Association.  Our UMF® licence number is 1001.

SummerGlow Apiaries guarantees the stated UMF®  rating of our honey.  When our honey is packed samples from every batch are tested to verify the activity of the honey.  The relevant UMF® Test Certificate is included with every order.

Our honey is packed in a factory equipped with sophisticated technology and airlocks to eliminate any risk of contamination of the honey.  Strict hygiene, handling and recording practices are exercised throughout the entire honey packing proces.

The honey-packing factory complies with the internationally-recognized quality standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).  The factory is regularly audited and approved by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).


A Trusted Mark of Quality - A Guarantee of Authenticity & Purity

UMF stands for "Unique Manuka Factor" and is the only manuka honey grading system that is licensed and audited to verify the honey is true-to-label.

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